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JSC GPA Grading System

80 – 1005.00A+
70 – 794.00A
60 – 693.50A-
50 – 593.00B
40 – 492.00C
33 – 391.00D
0 – 320.00F

Note: This Grading System for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Result.

JSC GPA Calculator Instructions

Follow the Steps to Calculate JSC Grade Point

  1.  First, Select Grade Format
  2.  Select your JSC Subjects Name
  3.  Select your Grade/Point
  4.  Finally, Click on the Calculate GPA Button

Step 1: First, Select Grade Format

JSC GPA Calculator - Select JSC Grade Format

At First select Grade Format. If you want to calculate with Grade Points, then Select Point. Also, remember that after selecting a point, you need to enter your Point manually.

Step 2: Select your JSC Subjects Name

JSC GPA Calculator - Select JSC Subject

After selecting Grade Format to select JSC Subjects from the dropdown list, compulsory subjects are the same for everyone. You can only change your Religion Subject and 4th Subject. Default Religion Subject is Islam, and the default 4th subject is Agricultural Studies.

If your religion and 4th subjects are different, then you can change it.  Other JSC Subjects are Compulsory.

Step 3: Select your Grade/Point

JSC GPA Calculator - Select JSC Grade Point

After selecting JSC subjects, now choose the grade from each subject you accumulate in the JSC Result. You will find the grades are A+, A, A-, B, C, D, F and Grade Points values are A+=5.0, A=4.0, A-=3.5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.

Step 4: Finally, Click on the Calculate Button

JSC GPA Calculator - Click on Calculate Button

Finally, Click on Calculate GPA Button to Get the Calculated JSC GPA Result. If you do the previous process correctly, then you will find your JSC GPA Result. If you get any warning, then go back and complete that step.

About JSC GPA Calculator

JSC GPA Calculator is the first online calculator to calculate JSC Results. Using this calculator, you will able to calculate your GPA without doing the math. You need to select your GPA from the Dropdown menu and click on Calculate GPA Button. Within this simple step, you can find out your Grade Point Average.

JSC Stands for Junior School Certificate, and JSC is an 8th Grade Education of Bangladesh. JSC Resulting Process is GPA, and GPA Scale is 5.00. GPA Stands for Grade Point Average.

We made this calculator calculate the JSC Result GPA. Also, everyone can get an estimation of their GPA.

You can calculate our expected result and improve the result by getting an idea of how many Grade Point you need to increase Your Grade Point Average.

Using this calculator, you can easily find out your JSC GPA and estimate your Grade Point to Increase your GPA.