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SSC Grading System and Grade Points:

80 – 1005.00A+
70 – 794.00A
60 – 693.50A-
50 – 593.00B
40 – 492.00C
33 – 391.00D
0 – 320.00F

This GPA Grading System is also for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Results.

The most common question of SSC Result is What is the SSC Grading System?

SSC Grading System is GPA where student obtains their marks for points or grades. Here is a chart for SSC Marks, SSC Grade Points, and SSC Grades. SSC Grading points have equivalent Grade.

In the SSC Grading System, a GPA of 5 is Higher Grade Point and A+is Higher Grade. I shared the chart, and you may find all marks range, Points, Grades. In this article, I will share more about SSC Grade points later. Let’s know about SSC GPA Calculation.

How to Calculate SSC GPA

Follow the Steps to Calculate SSC Grade Point

  1.  First, Choose SSC Group
  2.  Then, Choose Grade Format
  3.  Select your SSC Subjects Name
  4.  Now Select your Grade/Point
  5.  Finally, Click on the Calculate Button

Step 1: First, Choose SSC Group

SSC GPA Calculator - Select SSC Group

Af first Select the Group. By default, science is selected. If you need SSC Business or SSC Humanities, then choose these groups.

As we know, SSC Business Group is known as SSC Commerce Group, and SSC Humanities is known as the SSC Arts group. After selecting the SSC Group to go to the next step.

Step 2: Then, Choose Grade Format

Slect SSC Grade Format

After Selecting Group, then selects Grade Format. If you want to calculate with Grade Points, then Select Point.

Also, remember that after selecting a point, you need to enter your Point manually. Now go to step 3.

Step 3: Select your SSC Subjects Name

Select SSC Subject

After selecting Grade Format, select SSC Subjects from the dropdown list. You will find the most common subject chosen for each group. If you need any topic among them, you can do that.

Remember, if you don’t find any subject, you can select another as your subject. The same subject is not possible to determine. Now Go to step 4.

Step 4: Now Select your SSC Grade/Point

Select SSC GPA

After selecting subjects, choose the grade from each subject you accumulate. You will find the grades are A+, A, A-, B, C, D, F, and Grade Points values are A+=5.0, A=4.0, A-=3.5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.

Step 5: Finally, Click on the Calculate Button

SSC GPA Calculator - Click on Calculate Button

Finally, Click on Calculate GPA Button to Get the Calculated GPA Result. If you do the previous process correctly, you will find your GPA Result.

About SSC GPA Calculator

Click on the Calculate GPA button, and you will get your Total GPA with Grade and Grade Point. SSC GPA Calculator is the first Online GPA Calculator.

In Bangladesh, SSC is a 10th Grade Education Course.  GPA Stands for Grade Point Average.

Secondary and Higher Secondary GPA results are calculated on GPA Scale 5.00. There are seven grades, and these grades are A+, A, A-, B, C, D, F, and every grade has a point. SSC Grade Points values are: A+=5.0, A=4.0, A-=3.5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.

এখান থেকে তোমরা নতুন গ্রেডিং সিস্টেম সম্পর্কে জানতে পারবে এবং নিজেদের জিপিএ ক্যালকুলেট করতে পারবে। তাই নিচের অংশটুকু মনোযোগ সহকারে সম্পূর্ণ পড়ো এবং পোস্টটি তোমাদের উপকারে আসলে বন্ধুদের সাথেও শেয়ার করো

SSC New Grading system 2023

Due to the current situation, SSC’s New Grading system has been changed for 2022. SSC has 10 subjects, and the SSC GPA calculation process was the same as usual for recent years.

In 2022 SSC examination has 3 Subjects only, and these 3 subjects are compulsory subjects from a total of 10 subjects. Also, there is no 4th subject in the SSC examination 2022.

Here I am explaining New SSC Grading and GPA Calculation Process for 2022. You may have many questions about the SSC New GPA and Grading system or the Calculation process. But no worries, we are covering all about SSC Grading System 2022 in Bangladesh.

First, I’m sharing the SSC Subjects for 2022, and I will show the GPA calculation process for each Group from Science, Commerce, and Arts.

All SSC Subjects for new Grading and GPA System

Science subject with Marks/Credits

Commerce Subjects with Marks/Credits

Arts Subjects with Marks/Credits

SSC New GPA Calculation process 2023

New SSC subjects have 50 Total marks in each subject. We can find the Grade points from each subject by Marks to percentage calculation.

Let’s look at the Old Grading system and New Grading System with Percentage and Marks to points.

SSC old Grading system

80 – 1005.00A+
70 – 794.00A
60 – 693.50A-
50 – 593.00B
40 – 492.00C
33 – 391.00D
0 – 320.00F

Let’s know about the SSC New Grading system with percentages. We will share the calculation process later in this post.

SSC new Grading system (Percentage)

80% – 100%5.00A+
70% – 79%4.00A
60% – 69%3.50A-
50% – 59%3.00B
40% – 49%2.00C
33% – 39%1.00D
0% – 32%0.00F

We will make finding out Grade and Grade points for obtained marks easier. We have already calculated the percentage to marks for easy calculation. Follow the new Grading system for Marks to Points instead of Percentage for everyone.

SSC new Grading System (Marks to Points)

40 – 505.00A+
35 – 394.00A
30 – 343.50A-
25 – 293.00B
20 – 242.00C
17 – 191.00D
0 – 160.00F

Let’s know about the new SSC GPA calculation process
We will calculate Science Subjects Marks to Points, for example.

Calculate GPA for SSC Science Group

Let’s calculate GPA for the Science Group.

Example 1: Imagine Zakob obtained the following Marks in Examination from the Science Group:

  1. Physics – 44
  2. Chemistry – 38
  3. Biology – 47

Now Zakob’s Grade points will be following as per the new SSC grading system for 2022

  1. Physics – 5.00
  2. Chemistry – 4.00
  3. Biology – 5.00

Now let’s calculate Zakob’s GPA.

Finally, Zokob’s GPA will be following:

(5.00+4.00+5.00) / 3 = 14/3

GPA = 4.67

Here are,

Total Points = (5.00+4.00+5.00)

Total Subject = 3

Calculation Explanation: First, we find out our Grade points, sum up all subjects Grade points and divide them by the total subject Number. As there is no 4th subject. We sum up Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Points and Divide the sum by 3. Here “3” is the total Number of Subjects.

Calculate GPA for SSC Commerce Group

Let’s calculate GPA for the Commerce/Business Studies Group.

Example 2: Imagine Arin Obtained the following marks in Examination from Commerce Group.

Arin’s Commerce Subjects and Marks are following.

  1. Accounting – 43
  2. Finance and Banking – 41
  3. Business Entrepreneurship – 48

Now Arin’s Grade points will be following as per the new SSC grading system for 2022

  1. Accounting – 5.00
  2. Finance and Banking – 5.00
  3. Business Entrepreneurship – 5.00

Let’s calculate Arin’s GPA.

(5.00+5.00+5.00)/3 = 15/3

GPA = 5.00

Calculate GPA for SSC Arts Group

Let’s calculate GPA for the Arts/Humanities Group.

Example 3: Imagine Dina Obtained the following marks in the Examination from Arts Group.

  1. History of Bangladesh and World Civilization – 38
  2. Geography and Environment – 25
  3. Civics – 32

Now Dina’s Grade points will be following as per the new SSC grading system for 2022

  1. History of Bangladesh and World Civilization – 4.00
  2. Geography and Environment – 3.00
  3. Civics – 3.50

Lets calculate Dina’s GPA

(4.00+3.00+3.50) / 3 = 10.50 /3

GPA = 3.50

Additional Method to Calculate GPA with a new grading system

SSC Examinee will obtain 50 marks, but it was 100 previously. There was confusion about obtaining marks and grade points. But above all, I shared a detailed process to calculate SSC GPA and Grade points with the new grading system.

I am also sharing an additional way to calculate GPA with the new grading system. Let’s know about additional ways to calculate GPA with the new grading system. It will be useful for those still confused about the new grading system.

The 2022 SSC Examination is held for 50 Marks for each subject. You can multiply with 2 for total marks. If we multiply 50, then it will be 100. and we can process our calculation with previous obtain mark methods.

Imagine you got 45 from 50, then you can multiply your obtained mark, and it will be 90. Here is an easy solution you can now easily calculate your GPA with this process. You have to multiply all your subject marks for each.

As we know, SSC 2022 has only 3 subjects in the examination for each group. So you can easily calculate your marks by multiplying and Completing your calculation process for 3 Subjects.

Final Verdict:

You will get the same GPA result for the 2 Methods. So follow any of them and determine your SSC GPA with the new grading system. Use Table with Obtain Marks, Points, and Grade to calculate your GPA. Check the Example of Science, Commerce, and Arts Group’s Calculation for better understanding.

Note for New Grading only: New Grading System is not stated as official, you can use it by your own liabilities. We are not responsible if something goes wrong. But you can still use contact us if there is any wrong or broken and we will update this as soon as possible. We suggest you read our TOS and Privacy Policy.