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HSC Grading System:

80 – 1005.00A+
70 – 794.00A
60 – 693.50A-
50 – 593.00B
40 – 492.00C
33 – 391.00D
0 – 320.00F

HSC GPA Calculator Instructions

Follow the Steps to Calculate your GPA

  1.  First, Select Group
  2.  Then, Select Grade Format
  3.  Select your Subject Name
  4.  Now Select your Grade/Point
  5.  Finally, Click on the Calculate Button

Step 1: Select your Group

Select HSC Group

First, you will need to select a Group. By default, the Science Group will be selected. If you need to calculate other groups such as Business or Humanities then you should select group as Business Studies or Humanities.

Step 2: Select Grade Format

Select HSC Grade

Now choose Grade Format. By default, you will get Grade as selected Format. If you want to calculate Higher Secondary Certificate GPA with Point then you should select Point as Grade format. Also, remember that if select the point as grade format then need to type point by subject wise.

Step 3: Select your Subject Name

HSC GPA Calculator - Select HSC Subject

Now need to select the subject from the list. By default, you will get groups the most common subjects. In step 1 if a select group as Science then most common subjects will select automatically. If someone wants to change the subject then do that from every subjects dropdown menu. Remember, choose the subject of the group only. If not find subject also check that did you selected group correctly? Compulsory Subject cannot be changed and need to select specific groups subject. If you don’t find any subject then select “Other: as a subject.

Step 4: Select your Grade/Point

Select HSC Grade Point

Now need to select each subjects grade individually. Select Grade From Dropdown list. You will find the grades are A+, A, A-, B, C, D, F. Make sure that need to select all subjects Grade to calculate Grade Point. Need to select grade format to get the Grades in the dropdown list. If you want to calculate GPA with Points then need to select Format as Point and you will get a box to type point. After inputting all points can calculate GPA. Grade Points values are: A+=5.0, A=4.0, A-=3.5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. Do not select the same subject two or multi times.

Step 5: Finally, Click on the Calculate GPA Button

HSC GPA Calculator - Click on Calculate GPA Button

Finally, need to click on Calculate GPA Button to get the Final Result. If you completed all the steps correctly you will get the result. Grade Point Result shows Grade and Point.

Calculated GPA Result

Calculated GPA Result will show How much Grade Point You Got and also it shows what is Your Grade. Follow the Image and Result should be like this.

HSC GPA Calculator Result

At the same time, you will get Grade and Point. Grade and Point Result circle will show color indicator too. If anyone gets minimum A Grade / Grade Point4.00 then this Grade Point Result will show Green color. If anyone got less then A grade / Grade Point 4.00 then this Grade Point Result will show Yellow Color.  Also, If anyone got F grade for any Subject then Grade Point Result will show Red color. But if anyone got F grade in Optional Subject/4th subject then it will not show red color rather than it will show General Color.

Common Errors

You may find some common warning if you did not select the subject and Point. Every Course and their group Like Science, Business Studies, Humanities have the subject and all the subjects names are listed on.

Duplicate Subject Selected: If you select the same subject then you will get a warning like Warning:- Duplicate Subject Selected. Do not select the same subject two times. If you got this warning then check out a chosen subject list where are duplicate subject selected.

Some Point or Grade Field are not selected: You have to select all subjects grade or put all subjects at Grade Point. If left blank Grade selection or point for any subject then it will get this warning. Select all subjects grade or put all subjects Point to get a result with HSC GPA Calculator.

About HSC GPA Calculator

HSC is a Course of Bangladesh Education Board and HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate. It is 12th Grade Education of Bangladesh. HSC Resulting process is on the Scale of Grade Point 5.00. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. Where GPA 5.00 is the highest Result. Also, point indicates Grade too, Where A+ is a Grade and 5.00 is Point. In the HSC Grading system, there Points are, A+/5.0, A/4.0, A-/3.5, B/3, C/2, D=1, F/0.

HSC GPA Calculator also called HSC GPA Calculator BD or HSC GPA Calculator Bangladesh. Using this calculator you can easily calculate your Higher Secondary Certificate Course Result. Most people are asking about how to calculate HSC Grade Point in Bangladesh and HSC GPA Calculation system. We made easy and effective HSC Grade Point Calculator for making easy to calculate HSCGrade Point. We followed the standard of HSC Grade Point Calculation System of Bangladesh.

HSC Grading system is the same for Bangladesh Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Result. Secondary and Higher Secondary Grade Point Calculate on the GPA scale of 5.00 where 5.00 Point/ A+ grade is the highest result. Now you don’t need to feel the hassle to calculate Grade Point.

Frequently Asked Question about HSC GPA Calculator

Ques: How do I determine my Result pass or fail?

Ans: If you got F Grade in any subject then your result will fail except the 4th subject.

Ques: Is GPA 5.0 is Good?

Ans: Yes, GPA 5.0 is the highest result in Secondary Education and its Good Result.

Ques: What calculations are covered on this HSC GPA Calculator?

Ans: In this calculator, you can easily calculate the HSC GPA in BD without any hassle. Before launching this HSC GPA Calculator there was no calculator to find out Grade Point Average.

Ques: What are the advantage of using this HSC GPA Calculator?

Ans: Using this calculator get GPA to calculate very easy and fast. There is some advantage to use this calculator. You can estimate the result and determine which subject should you need to improve grade for final Grade Point result. Estimate Grade Point and it will help more to increase Grade Point.

Hope You got Calculated GPA for HSC and also got your answer on how to calculate HSC GPA. If there is any question or facing any problem about Calculating Grade Point Average then let us know.